Startups In 2023 Best Web Practices

2023 Must Haves For The Internet

There are a ton of things to do when you are starting a small business. As far as the Internet, here are some important things we think you should consider doing.

  1. Buy A Domain Name
  2. Get Web Hosting
  3. Use A Third Party DNS Provider
  4. Hire A Web Developer
  5. Hire A Web Marketer
  6. Collect Customer Email Addresses
  7. Get an email service like MailChimp, Sendgrid or Constant Contact.
  8. Get a Linkedin Company Page
  9. Get an Account on Twitter
  10. Set up a Facebook Page
  11. Start as a thought leader on Medium in your industry.
  12. Set up Google Analytics
  13. Get backlinks
  14. Learn about SEO and write great content.
  15. Go to a local web marketing seminar.
  16. Watch a bunch of web marketing videos.
  17. Buy a book about starting a business.
  18. Set up Gsuite (Gmail, docs, sheets, slides)
  19. Learn to use Evernote.
  20. Learn to find automation solutions like Buffer.
  21. Listen to Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse experts.
  22. Get on great emails from thought leaders.
  23. Learn WordPress & Yoast.
  24. Learn how to use Docusign
  25. Learn how to use Fiverr and UpWork.

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