Skincare Trends For 2023

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We looked around the web and found unique and new skincare techniques. Skincare products are constantly changing. Our team at Page1Biz went out and looked at what unique trends are happening in skin care markets and what we found is that there are some really different products and services and skin improvement techniques. We are looking out for the best things that are happening in skincare for local residents around the country who would like to know what is the hottest thing.

Snail Slime?

According to Glimpse, the top trend this year is Snail Mucin with a 200% increase in usage. Snail Mucin is basically snail slime. The way the snail slime works is it rapidly tightens your skin. Product manufacturers have found a way to incorporate snail mucin into their products this year, and adoption rates among users are terrific.

Sculpted Skin

According to Vogue, Sculpted Skin is a hot trend in skin care. Products use radio frequency and a high amount of high-intensity electrical fields that don’t use needles or any physical operation on your skin.

Caffeine Eye Cream

Think about it, you want to get a pep up but you don’t like coffee, and you are not wanting the extra sugar that comes from eating dark chocolate. So enters caffeine eye cream. It’s a very simple way to get your fix, without the calories, bad breath or bad habits, or the daily cost of a Starbucks Latte.

Witch Hazel Resurgence

According to Allure, Witch Hazel, which has been around for a century, is about to make a big comeback. Witch Hazel is a biological, natural ingredient, and had been used for a long period but it was causing dryness. Newer products are starting to find ways to use the product without dryness.

Winter Cherry

Winter Cherry is a fruit found in cold climates and is known for it’s tart, yet sweet taste. Winter Cherry has seen a tremendous interest in popularity this year.

Celebrity Skincare

More and more celebrities are coming out with their own lines of skincare products. This is a trend that is really increasing in 2023.

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